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Valigo Algeria

Established in 2008, Valigo algerie is a forward-looking factory focused on ABS production, national and international trading. As an Algerian factory we are supported by the international economic policies, in addition to USA, forty-four African countries, Maghreb and European countries are exonerated from taxes for importing our products.
Valigo algerie advanced machines, innovated conception and testing system, could provide the best OEM service for the clients.
Our current major production is ABS hardshell luggage production. The luggage is resistant to impact, and comes with a 3-year warranty.
Our main objective is to satisfy the continuously changing demands therefore our company makes all your choices possible, you can start your adventure setup; you can choose the wheels, handles, number of pieces in a set, colors, dimensions and sizes… All your orders and designs will be executed.

Welcome to our luggage factory

We are located in Algeria the company specializes in manufacture and distribution of travel and trolley luggages, we began our journey in luggage by first marketing products of different brands more or less prestigious without being able to fully satisfy all of our customers, so we offer our customers online products consultation services under the socials medias like: face book, linked in, Twitter you can also recommend luggage via this main site in the product pages.

Services of luggage factory

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We dedicate our service to clients abroad. Our products are already introduced in many foreign markets; we manage our goods exportation with CMA, SMC and SOCO shipping containers.

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our merchant site is redoubling its efforts to offer new services to encourage more online visitors to purchase. All in a context conducive to e-commerce: according to Fevad, the $ 100 billion revenue generated should be crossed in 2020.

luggage factoàry, cabin luggage, abs luggage, cabin suitcase

Services OEM

stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing is a form of manufacturing contract, which basically means that a factory will manufacture products according to your unique designs and specifications, and the product can be branded under another brand or company.

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