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Why our products of luggage factory ?

With our luggage factory all the choices are possible you can start your adventure setup or you can choose the wheels, handles, skates, the trolley, the size of the suitcase effect you want a suitcase cabin or luggage in the cargo hold we have the size of the luggage that you want of course do not forget the drivers to perfect your suitcase ... All choices are possible with us. Try to choose your perfect style and comfortable design to enjoy your trip around the world. Try to have a good time with a good suitcase.

Our customers In France

luggage fatory, cabin luggage, abs luggage, cabin suitcase


the factory luggage has the ideal dimension cabin on flights low coast, solid not scratched after several flights however does not aspect that the retractable handle hold in intermediate.

luggage fatory, cabin luggage, abs luggage, cabin suitcase

Alexis DIEU

I bought this cabin bag to travel with Reyanair the dimension are the maximum allowed by the factory which allows to bring as much as possible ,the suitcase for luggage factory is solid well compartmentalized only small flat padlock that does not look very solid to see the use.

luggage fatory, cabin luggage, abs luggage, cabin suitcase


Super luggage format cabin (very good for easy jet and reynair but not suitable for air France) very strong smell of oil impacking ….but yonder finally smell comes to life and then mu journey no smell neither the suitcase nor on mu clothes, practical and functional very well.

A New Life is Calling

You are about to go abroad, You already started packing up your suitcase, A new journey is about to start. Is it going smoothly? The first step is always very important. As everyone knows, All major airlines have limited restrictions on checked luggage. The weight limits are different. Before you travel, remember to confirm with the airline! Ordinary luggage Weight limit You don’t know where to start Time and time again you arrive to the airport Have been told the luggage was overweight. Had to pay overweight fees! Be Careful before departure Determine the checked luggage weight allowance This time the check-in stuff after weighting the luggage He turned to stick the ticket on the luggage  He said, it seems so small. . . New designs Lightweight pieces The new designs of VALIGO ALGERIE lightweight Luggage compartment integrated design  Travel is easier!

luggage shop
luggage and travel

Advice for First Time Flyers

From packing to navigating the airport to getting through security, traveling via air can be a scary experience for first-time flyers. If you are an infrequent or first-time flyer, it might be overwhelming to think about all the things you’ll have to do just to get to your destination. But, don’t worry! We’ve got tips and tricks for first-time flyers that are sure to set your mind at ease!

You are traveling again? Don’t be upset this time

 Do you envy people who travel frequently? They decide so they just go, it seems so free and so easy For people who have been on the road for 260 days a year Traveling became more like a practice From that first time confusion and panic Till their confidence will be boosted by time After years of practice, the business travelers will appear calm, cool and ready for anything the day may throw at them

luggage factory

You are travelling again? 2019 is nearly to its end

How much time did you spend on the railways or airports as a working person? When the aircraft engine roars in the clouds, you won’t notice the white clouds Once the airplane is stable you start thinking about your work again When late night rays are passing through your window, wake up early in the morning in a strange hotel Will you have a moment for yourself? In busy work Business trips became the norm Traveling in a business trip? When starting a new business field, one of the fastest ways to learn more about it is to travel We become the urban elite, we improve ourselves while enjoying the various scenery Actually

Pack to College

In one’s Life path There is only departure,  Which makes you reach the distant dreams. Plant a hope Harvest a dream. Only insistence Will reveal one’s talent. Only with maintaining one’s original intention You can experience gaiety. Right before you leave home to college Valigo wish you all the best Fight for your dreams Surpass everything Welcome the best years of your life

luggage factory
luggage shop

Travelling with a suitcase become an easy task

Life is a philosophy, a commuting and a travel experience We always put ourselves in very busy travel scenes Focusing on your career doesn’t mean to not enjoy every moment at daily basics With VALIGO ALGERIE believes, wherever you will go, you will enjoy the moment This is our ideology When busy become the new norm, let the hard road become easy  With Valigo Algerie you can combine business with leisure Don’t rush anymore to catch up life, let it go smoothly

Hard Vs Soft Luggage

There have been several industrial innovations in regards to luggage material, design, and the functioning over the years. When selecting a new luggage, it is quite confusing whether to choose a softside or hardside luggage. In general, hardside luggage offers more protection (waterproof) and easier to clean. From another side, fabric suitcases don’t cleft, they are more flexible and lightweight. Therefore before you make the purchase you should know about the materials used for both types; their benefits and disadvantages.

luggage factory
luggage factory, cabin luggage, abs luggage , cabin suitcase, luggage shop, suitcase shop,

choose your luggage

Choosing the wrong cabin luggage can waste precious travel time and energy, and can cause a lot of aches and pains. To help you pick the best possible cabin luggage for your next adventure, luggage factory valigo algeria is the best Choice that will free you up to enjoy your trip without any unnecessary aggravation. Here is an important  question  you can ask yourself to help you decide which type of cabin luggage is best for you. What are the baggage restrictions and limits of all the airlines I will be traveling with? Valigo algeria made  the right quality for your comfort of displacement with lightness, solidity and stylish cabin luggage we chose the reinforced ABS for this suitcase resists all you travel

luggage and travel

Traveling by plane, train or car, we all need a luggage to put in our stuff and travel comfortably. VALIGO ALGERIE has thought of you and presents you a variety of trendy luggage to be unique during your journey. Our products are practical because of the considerable storage space inside, compartments and pockets which can be useful for separating your gear. Valigo algerie ABS hard shell cases make the difference by combining lightness, strength and protecting your contents from breakage.  You can travel with ease, the four spinner wheels are smooth to manage, ergonomic and don’t put much stress on your shoulders or back. They’re easier to maneuver in tight spaces such as on trains, down aisles of planes, in lifts

luggage factory, cabin luggage, abs luggage, cabin suitcase, luggage shop, suitcase shop,
luggage fatory, cabin luggage, abs luggage, cabin suitcase

Valigo ABS luggage

suitcase for luggage factory Valigo Algeria is a solid suitcase made of basic raw material of which the most important and ABS material a shock resistant material is a mixture of three types of plastic, the effect is good and offers a heat resistance system and the processing capacity, color and hardness this is one of the most versatile and rugged luggage at the same time, valigo offers the best of its products to satisfy all consumers and customers from whole world.

Suitcase for all flight and planes

Valigo suitcase is a luggage adapted to all flights and planes equipped to travel to all destinations, a multi-purpose suitcase and luggage of all sizes and colors to satisfy all tastes and read for all ages, Valigo the first Suitcase brand is the most requested in the world because of distinct, different and modern design, the modern and unique shape for luggage at the same time puts you at ease and safety during your trip and generate in you the desire to travel, dear customer whatever your taste or age or your request ask Valigo Algeria to meet your needs and satisfy your tastes from above
luggage fatory, cabin luggage, abs luggage, cabin suitcase

Valigo Algéria

Souvenir suitcase

In the word bag of travel all the meanings of this bag of the journey in all the directions and explanations of this bag shows us in its way and in the chapters of the novel all the conditions of the pay that we can visit and imagine as well as the elegance and simplicity as well as their size and shape for luggage suggest  to the traveler the life and fun that awaits him with beautiful memories carefully inside, Our suitcase expose us and express to the world personality with its objects between clothes, gifts and the memories, between the leaves and the pictures and the feelings go where we want and offer the pleasure of traveling with whom we love Thank you our dear friend of travel.

Comfortable and ideal suitcase

The suitcase is the travel friend and each suitcase has it own characteristics that allow you to feel at ease or that you go so each person can imagine the shape of the luggage so we propose the average traveler with all the comfort  “Valigo luggage of planes“.

luggage fatory, cabin luggage, abs luggage, cabin suitcase

My dear friend

The travel suitcase my friend who accompanies me on my travels took me in memories of the past and travels in the future on a journey filled with dreams and wishes makes me happy when the world travels with my wallet and does not leave me alone , the travel luggage friendly and loyal at the time of the unit contains all my secrets and memories and fears and wishes the traveler and feel comfortable and safe when organizing and arranging the luggage of the trip to the inside it welcomes all kinds of things and rejects none so it’s always faithful and my favorite

Voyage algéria

luggage Algéria

Suitcase in the corner

Each person has their own travel suitcase placed in a corner of the room while waiting for the owner’s permission to embark on a journey of dreams and entertainment and to go to the imaginary places, yes this little suitcase with you always reflects your wishes when you dream of the day of departure and wait for the date of the trip to store all your secrets inside and take off in the whole world, the backpacking travel luggage the owner does not leave as being the best installation and best friend, everyday with you without any trouble or complaint and stay in your personal and professional life without any reaction from them so that you feel comfortable for your trip, so choose your perfect suitcase and this can only be with luggage “VALIGO ALGE.

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