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Cabin suitcase (purple) size L

  1. High quality, lightweight, with hard ABS / PS coating, spacious suitcase and perfect for all your travels.
  2. It is a suitcase easy to carry. It has 8 360 degree rotating wheels and an ergonomic telescopic handle.
  3. The size of the hand luggage suitcase is 55cmx35cmx22cm. It is a perfect suitcase for the cabin of an airplane.
  4. It’s a fashionable suitcase. You can choose from the many colorful and special designs.
  5. Secure locking mechanism with a three-digit combination. Its integrated locking system protects your things from theft and loss during your trip.
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د.ج 4,000

The Evasion Light 55 cm  abs luggage is made of ABS for good resistance and shock absorption. It combines functionality and robustness; is ideal for short stays of a weekend to a week. Inside; this abs luggage has two compartments fully lined zipper; with separation tray with net also zipped to facilitate the organization of your business. A zipped mesh pocket is also present on the separation tray for easy access to small items. Two elastic support straps are available; at the bottom of the lower compartment to hold the folded clothes during the trip.  This also means it can be moulded pretty easily into different luggage; shapes; making it very flexible and able to take a beating during travel. Polycarbonate is also popular to use in abs luggage because it’s so lightweight. It can bend and dent and will easily go back to its original shape. It is almost impossible to break and has the highest level of strength of all luggage materials.


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1 review for Cabin suitcase (purple) size L

  1. User2019

    This beautiful piece of luggage lasted the entire two weeks of traveling across Spain, Italy, and France. It never was an issue at airports because it looked so small (little did they know I stuffed it with everything I could)

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